accelpy is an FPGA accelerated applications provisioning utility.

The aim of this utility is to provision the cloud or on-prem infrastructure and configures it to run the application.

The philosophy behind the utility is to help to leverage software industry standard solutions and frameworks instead of reinventing the wheel for FPGA accelerated applications.

The utility is based on the powerful industry approved tools Ansible, Terraform, & Packer. This allows the utility to support a very wide variety of cloud of on-prem providers and support an to be very configurable.

By default, it can deploy Docker containers based services, but can perform many more with configuration.


Provision in the multi-Cloud
accelpy can provision infrastructure on any provider that Terraform support and create software configuration images on any provider that Packer support.
Provision an immutable infrastructure
Once the application is ready, accelpy allow creating an image of it for all required provider and then use this image to deploy an immutable infrastructure.
Don’t care about the FPGA requirements
accelpy configure the host with required FPGA drivers and ensure the FPGA bitstream is loaded before starting the application.
Configure and scale as you need

accelpy provides default infrastructure configuration that can be extended or overridden as needs allowing all possibilities of Ansible, Terraform and Packer tools.

This allows generating the scalable infrastructure that fit your needs.

Protect your FPGA application
accelpy is integrated into the Accelize solution and provides all the tools to provision application protected by the Accelize DRM.
Containerize your application
accelpy allow to package the software part of your application as a Docker container image and a single YAML configuration file.
Run without configuration
accelpy provides default ready to use configuration to immediately provision a single host infrastructure on a subset of providers.
Use and integrate it easily
accelpy can be operated using the command line interface or the Python API.
Deploy application on secure host that follow DevOps good practices
The default configurations provided with accelpy are done with DevOps good practices and enhanced security in mind. DevSec hardening baselines can also be easily enabled in your deployment.
Be free to use it as you want

accelpy generate a configuration for your application that can then be used without the utility itself as part of your own provisioning project.

The entire project is open source and based on open source tools.

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